AMIRAN (formerly Pougatchov), EMANUEL

AMIRAN (formerly Pougatchov), EMANUEL
AMIRAN (formerly Pougatchov), EMANUEL (1909–1993), composer and teacher. Born in Warsaw, Amiran went to Palestine in 1924, and after study in London, returned to teach music in schools and teachers' seminaries. He was co-founder and director of the Music Teachers Training College in Tel Aviv (1944–55), and in 1955 became supervisor of musical education in the Ministry of Education and Culture. His songs, which are among the most important contributions to the Israeli folk style, include Emek Emek Avodah, El ha-Ma'ayan Ba Gedi Katan, Mayim Mayim, Ki mi-Ẓiyyon, Uru Aḥim ve-Na'aleh Har Ẓiyyon, Ha-Zore'im be-Dimah, and Halleluyah-Kumu ve-Na'aleh. He also wrote choral, orchestral, and piano music.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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